A radical move for Pepsi


Picture 7Pepsi, once the reigning king of the Superbowl ad, has elected to (ghasp) skip it this year in favor of re-routing a whopping $20 million into the brand’s cause-related, online Refresh Everything Project

, DMNews reports .  It’s a radical move, one that will send a ripple effect through the commercial world, and set new standards for what will be considered the pinnacle of cutting edge marketing strategy in this new decade.  Says Pepsi spokesperson Nicole Bradley, “our…marketing strategy in 2010 [is] less about a singular event and more about a movement. We are always looking to further develop our two-way conversation with consumers.”   A movement-based model is where marketing is heading,  centered around leveraging consumers around sustainable development.    The Refresh Project will allocate $20 million to, A. monthly microgrants of $50 – $250 K  awarded to individuals and organizations who are doing something incredible to make the world a better place, and B. an online interactive vehicle, RefreshEverything.com , to get the word out and garner support amongst “consumers” aka citizens.  I wish Pepsi the best of luck with this campaign.  In fact, I’m going to go drink a Pepsi right now.

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  1. Matt Morin, Tue Jan,05:

    That sounds great, until you realize that Pepsi’s marketing budget in 2009 was $1.3 BILLION (with a B). $20 million is a lark for them.

    I hope it works and shows great results so they’ll actually put real money behind it, because you’re right, it’s all about two-way conversations now.

  2. Rashna Abdi, Fri Jan,15:

    How wonderful to hear that Pepsi is giving back even if it is a piddling amount compared to the rest of their advertising budget. Hopefully more will follow.

  3. Kate Cook , Wed Jan,20:

    I think what’s more interesting than the amount is how its being spent – $20 million goes a long way for individual activists who are trying to make a difference at a community level. It doesn’t go farther than your living room when used to remind over-saturated US viewers about one of two colas they drink.

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