Adam’s Twitter Facts: December, 2011

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Luxury retailers proving recession-proof. Hmm.
Many US millionaires paying lower tax rate than middle class.
Call Samuel Jackson. Snakes in a tax office.
Branson predicts aviation could be among “cleanest industries” in ten years.
Voyager 1 has reached the outer limits of our solar system.
Geoengineering entering mainstream climate discourse.
2010 emissions increase is the biggest yet recorded.
The 2nd annual Gigaton Awards for biz emissions cutting at Durban.
IEA says solar could be competitive in 20 years.
Herbicide Atrazine linked to animal reproductive issues.
2011 was the 11th warmest year on record.
DRC is the second most densely forested nation on earth.
Your immune system has protective memory cells.
Phillips wants to light your home using waste energy and bacteria.
Fuel efficiency = 30% drop in ghgs across all products at Honda.
How to fix a broken butterfly wing.
Texas’ super-drought is unearthing lake-bottom artifacts.
The 138 year-old Nuttall Ornithological  Club has an impressive library of species data.
China criticizes Canada for “setting a bad example” on climate.
A quarter of farmland is highly degraded worldwide.
Crowdsourcing the decoding of whale songs.
Farmers must produce 70% more food to feed world by 2050.
EU estimates bee pollination activity at EUR 22 billion.
Canadians value polar bears at $420,000 per bear.
BP’s credit rating fell from AA to BBB after gulf spill.
Ravens gesture with their beaks to point out objects to each other.
Poaching is decimating red coral off Northern Spain.
More research on vitellogenin in honeybees could provide clues to decline.
DENCITY shows world population densities post-seven-billion.
Good news. Record number of monarch butterflies in California this year.
Fragmented forests can retain their eco-functionality.
By 2015, SAB Miller wants to make 1L of beer with 3.5L of water, not counting embedded water.
New York fracking companies have spent $3.2 million on state lobbying.
Mongolia’s Bogd Khan at risk. The world’s oldest protected area.
Panasonic building a $500 million solar cell factory in Malaysia.
The Indonesian orangutan is being hunted to extinction.
Walnut trees may not survive climate change.
Marine energy could power 15% of the UK by 2050.
Heat people, not homes.
WindMade — first consumer label for embedded wind energy.
Charlotte, NC — the world’s first airport worm composting program.
The nine-spotted ladybug came back, 29 years later….
Carbon markets at record lows. EU Allowances (EUAs) selling for €7.80
New network proxy technolgy can cut energy consumption of 3G smart phones by 74%.
The world’s biggest marine park — the size of France and Germany combined.
Sad to see it go. Google retires their “renewable energy cheaper than coal” project.
Check out the Brinicle…the icy finger of death in the ocean
Save the UK solar feed-in tarrifs..
Save the UK solar feed-in tarrifs..
Arctic sea-ice decline greatest in at least 1450 years.
More money for UK’s Green Deal.
Hong Kong handles between 50% and 80% of the global trade in shark fins
How big really? Visualizing disasters.
Could 20% of global energy demand could be met by biomass?
UK industrial pollution costs almost $30 billion per year.
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