Europe Planning 100 million New Smart Meters by 2016

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As the backlash against smart meters in California continues, Europe

is plowing ahead with large new installations of smart meters.

Recently the California Public Utilities Commission gave consumers the chance to “opt-out” of getting a smart meter from their energy utility. Some consumers have concerns that smart meters will allow utilities to improperly manipulate billings, other consumers are concerned about the electro-magnetic releases of the new meters.

From my perspective the benefits of smart meters far outweigh the negatives. From a personal economy perspective, smart meters allow you to save money by understanding when you’re wasting energy. From a societal standpoint, smart meters are a critical link in the effort to reduce our energy use and carbon emissions.

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  1. Candice Siege, Tue Jan,10:

    South Africa’s utility company, Eskom, along with the local municipalities, are driving installation of meters in consumers homes. This initiative results not only in creating awareness on saving money but also creating awareness on energy consumption.
    Great initiative.

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