Strategy for Sustainability vs Sustainability Strategy


Strategy for Sustainability vs Sustainability Strategy

I’m careful to use the phrase “Strategy for Sustainability” instead of “Sustainability Strategy” when I talk about a corporation’s efforts to ensure that it will be around for the long-haul.  A company has a strategy for sustainability when it:

  • examines the coming opportunities and threats caused by changes in society, technology and natural and human resources
  • sets an optimistic and aspirational North Star goal that connects to the core of the business, solves a great human challenge, and is actionable by everyone in the company

Strategy for Sustainability is the 3rd-bestselling Biz Strategy Book on

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The book is now available at independent bookstores across the US as well as in airports.

Online, the book is having a terrific launch with great support from, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.   I was just informed that it’s the 3rd bestselling business strategy book on, following Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and Good to Great by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras.

That’s wonderful company.

From Jock Gill

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Thought you might enjoy this list from Jock Gill, of the blog Greater Democracy



I generally agree with the list of things to do as per the web site.

It strikes me that there might be a few other things to consider as well.

1. maximize the accuracy of pricing signals so the market can actually function as it is supposed to.

2. Become a crew member of spaceship earth — accept responsibility.

McKinsey Quarterly Posts Excerpt and Video

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The McKinsey Quarterly

features an excerpt of the book which describes the roots of the definition of sustainability. There’s also a video interview below.

Signs of a Transparent Organization — Book Excerpt

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With the meltdown of the derivatives market, the calls for corporate transparency have become louder and louder.  Strategy for Sustainability

points to transparency as a tool for innovation, not just compliance.  If you’ve  wondered how you know when your company becomes truly transparent, Matter Network has posted a short book excerpt giving a summary.

“Nature’s Rules” in Fast Company Magazine this Month

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Where’s my Kindle?

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Strategy for Sustainability will be released on Kindle on July 6th on

. The hardcover books were finished first because I wanted to write a special “bonus chapter”  for the Kindle on the practical steps you can take to implement a personal sustainability project in your company. 

 I’ll post it here the day the Kindle version is released.

Peak Fish- A Good Opportunity for Your STaR Map

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In 1988 the world harvested about 86 million tons of fish, and we’ve been declining ever since.  

Save the Date- Book Launch Event- July 9, SF

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Save the Date of July 9 for the San Francisco launch event for my new book, Strategy for Sustainability.

Business today is broken, and not just because companies such as GM and AIG are on life support. Every business on earth is changing right now, and every one of us – whether as consumer, employee, executive, activist or student- can instigate a radical change in the way business works across the planet. Strategy for Sustainability is an instigator’s guide–a playbook for anyone who wants to retool a company to thrive in the world we face today.

HSBC’s partnership with Earthwatch

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(A much abbreviated version of this post was on twitter @adamwerbach


I’m moved by partnerships between non-profit organizations and corporations where value goes both ways. That certainly seems like the case with HSBC’s partnership with Earthwatch. 2,000 lucky HSBC employees will get the chance to go on two-week research expeditions with Earthwatch. And over 100,000 employees will have the chance to participate in projects that will help educate the public about climate change. HSBC will get employees who are more tightly connected to the radical changes going on in the external environment, which are good training grounds for the type of changes going on in the financial services industry.