An Elephant in the Room

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Adam Werbach and Andrew Bryson from Saatch & Saatchi S recently undertook a remarkable trip to India. Over the course of their journey – intended to be a speaking tour – both realized they were learning far more than they were teaching. The end result suggests that Indian business holds many lessons for anyone concerned with tackling the challenges of sustainability in a highly populated, resource constrained world.

Bottoms, Bears, Woods, Trees and Brands missing a trick

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By Julian Borra, Executive Creative Director Saatchi & Saatchi S

One day little Charmin bear went into the woods to see what he could find

After a few hours of mischief-making, bee-chasing, the odd monster truck meeting and general bear type activity…

Little Bear needed to do what bears also do in the woods

So he sat down to attend to his business.

But all was not well in the woods that day… because…

Mad Men, Blue bloods and Sleeping with Satan


Julian Borra, Executive Creative Director, Saatchi and Saatchi S

What is the environmentally-degraded, resource-ripped, over-populated over-consuming world coming to? Blue blooded sustainability gurus and visionaries – the voices in the consumer wilderness, getting into bed with the evil and emollient mad men and women of Madison Avenue’s hidden persuaders. What on earth are the Savonarolas of the new sustainable world thinking, getting cosy with what some would have us believe are the architects of the monstrous and dreadful consumption that infects the lungs of our wheezing planet?

Adam’s Twitter Facts: February 2012

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Hidden environmental costs can be as much as 41% of earnings.
Collaborative consumption is a hot spot for angel investors this year.
Change the design of this real cafe full of people. Right now, via the web.
58 million pounds of chocolate and 200 million roses for Valentine’s Day.
Gen X most enthusiastic about sharing, boomers least.



Sustainability – The longest 4-letter word in the beautiful world of Brand?

If you’re in the business of trying to bring sustainability alive in the branded world try this simple test…walk into a room full of your most excited and highly creative brand people while they’re cooking up mischief for some exceptional experience, wait for a pause in the mayhem, and then quietly ask how you might build sustainability into the brand’s DNA and watch what happens.

Riddle Me This!


Riddle me this!

Acronym madness, gobble-de-gook and the death of the everyday climate conversation

The recent COP 17

shin-dig in Durban may eventually come to be recognized by historians not only as the moment when some small yet profound steps forwards were made but also as the moment when the world of specialist and expert advisors and their climate debate finally collapsed into acronym madness.

Adam’s Twitter Facts: January, 2012


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Which newspaper surpassed the NYT as world’s biggest online?
US wind installations grew by 31% in 2011.
GE forsees a “facebook of things,” as more machines interconnect.
The world’s biggest trees – in pictures.
Overgrazed grasslands tied to locust outbreaks.
The complex geometry of pasta, visualized.
US EIA forecasts a decline in coal’s share of energy mix by 2030.

Europe Planning 100 million New Smart Meters by 2016

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As the backlash against smart meters in California continues, Europe

is plowing ahead with large new installations of smart meters.

Recently the California Public Utilities Commission gave consumers the chance to “opt-out” of getting a smart meter from their energy utility. Some consumers have concerns that smart meters will allow utilities to improperly manipulate billings, other consumers are concerned about the electro-magnetic releases of the new meters.

Adam’s Twitter Facts: December, 2011

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Luxury retailers proving recession-proof. Hmm.
Many US millionaires paying lower tax rate than middle class.
Call Samuel Jackson. Snakes in a tax office.
Branson predicts aviation could be among “cleanest industries” in ten years.
Voyager 1 has reached the outer limits of our solar system.
Geoengineering entering mainstream climate discourse.
2010 emissions increase is the biggest yet recorded.

Adam’s Tweets: November 16-30, 2011

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30 year batteries.
The raw milk revolution.
Scotland prepping for climate adaptation.
Tech-equipped insects as first responders to toxic sites.
Wangari Maathai’s legacy.
To boldly go where no Octopus has gone before.
Court rules in favor of Yellowstone grizzlies.
Did an Illinois Water Utility Come Under a Cyberattack? Via @slate